Saturday, January 22, 2011

New size and a new job?!?!?

So with a sense of optimism, I headed into The Limited today to try on some new pants. In a smaller size. Now, I have seen this size before when I was at my smallest 4-5 years ago, but I didn't get too many things in those size just in case. Now, with a a new body thanks to boot camp, it was time to venture into the land of the smaller size. again The other day, I pulled the size out of my closet on a whim to see if they actually would fit as I easily could have been "pantsed" with my other pants. And they fit. But, now it was time to see if it was a fluke or not.
No fluke! And the saleslady got so excited, she got more pants in that size from the backroom. Not only did she get that size, but a size smaller. How kind of her to think I was actually that small! So, while I was doing my little excited dance in the dressing room with the skinny pants with my daughter, the phone rang. At the time, I was trying to prevent my daughter from taking my picture in the dressing room (she DOES know how to upload pictures the facebook) so I ignored it. Later when checking the voicemail, it was someone calling from the local Weight Watchers affiliation regarding my interest in being a leader. It was later in the day when I was finally able to listen to it, so I will be returning that call tomorrow. So excited!
And forget it, I'm still not giving out my size. :p

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