Sunday, January 16, 2011

Battle Scars

So, we have seen Danny from the Biggest Loser with it. Kate Gosselin with it. And lots of other folks who have lost huge amounts of weight have it. What is "it"? Loose skin. I am no exception.
Sure I workout to tone the problem areas. It is true that building muscle will lessen the impact of loose skin along with a healthy diet. But there are some areas that will never recover from the extra weight I carried. Because I am not a millionaire and rich, I will never be able to afford plastic surgery to get rid of the loose skin permanently. So, I continue to feel self-concious about these areas. The loose skin on my upper arms, the loose skin on my stomach (that also has to do with having children), the fact that my breasts shrank when I didn't want them to get smaller. Fortunately, I had muscle tone previously when I was heavy so the amount of loose skin is minimal, but I still notice it. But then again, we are also our worst critic.
Just one more thing I wish I could change but will always have.

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