Monday, April 28, 2014

Tomorrow is another workout

I was due for a bad happens...and it happened to me tonight. First my swim cap ripped. That didn't bode for a good swim and it did not go well. Then I moved to the spin bike where around the 10 minute mark, I got the notorious side cramp and my jumping was over. Bad workouts happen, I was due. The old me would have pitched a fit and cried. The new me is ready for a new day. A new day, a new workout. Remember these workouts on the day you feel that nothing will stop you. Makes you remember that you are human and and shit happens. Hopefully I will have that all cylinders clicking workout soon to make up for the one that I would like to forget...

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Eat to workout or workout to eat...that is the question...

Something happened during my training swim last night. It could have been the fact that I had been watching plenty of you tube videos on proper swimming techniques. I was definitely working on my form last night. Driving my arms through the water, twisting my upper body through the water, keeping my face in the water, bending at the elbows. I felt I had a lot more power in the water. Which is why I did 2 extra laps than I had planned.
So was it proper technique that powered me last night? Perhaps. But I also added a pre-workout snack an hour before...a carb-loaded snack...and I feel that made a big difference.
I never wanted to do a pre-workout snack before...unless my training plan was calling for a 6+ mile run. This was just a swim and a spin...why not go into the workout hungry? Because if I was going to get the energy that I needed, I needed the fuel to do those extra 2 laps. I did that again for my run today...powered up with a carb bar.
I commented last night on my Daily Mile training log about this and one of my friends posted, "it's how you look at it, do you workout to eat or eat to workout?" If you workout to eat, you may be in the wrong mindset. You are using exercise as a way to justify eating a big meal later...

Disclaimer here...yes, I DO THIS on occasion. But not a big greasy, fried meal! Maybe just for an extra beer later. But thinking that on a regular basis may not be ideal.

Eat to workout? Interesting concept...eating food (good foods mind you) for a workout become fuel. Fuel is required to make a car run. Fuel is required to make Jenn run. So if I keep myself fueled with good foods, the workouts are better, stronger and more efficient.

Why is it hard for me to get out of the workout to eat mindset? I guess I blame Weight Watchers for this. With their plan, you can earn activity points that you can use for food as a reward. And as a former leader and pusher, I would use this mantra and statement every single week in my plan outlines for new members.

But with an athlete, you eat to workout...otherwise, you bonk...(thanks swimbikemom for the bonk line). And I have reached bonk once...when I was not properly fueled...and almost fell off the treadmill. Not a place I want to go back to.

Training for a triathalon...mindset of an to Jenn mindset.

And FYI, my fiance did throw out my scale...I hate him and love him at the same time. And yes, it was very freeing!