Saturday, March 22, 2014

What I should have given up for Lent - the scale

I am really enjoying SwimBikeRun mom's book about doing triathlons. I am currently reading the chapter on nutrition. And it is hitting me really hard. And I know what I have to do. I have to put away the scale. I must put away the scale. The only thing that will save me from going insane during this period of time is putting away the scale. (gulp, panic attack, lamaze breathing)
Why is it so hard for me to put that scale away? Why am I so enslaved to a number?
How enslaved am I to a number? The other night before going to bed, I weighed myself. I had just completed 2 hours of working out, which included an hour of strength training and an hour of spinning (with the satan spin instructor). I was up 3 pounds??!!? After eating a salad with chicken?!? WTH? I was defeated, pissed, mopey, etc. It was only until later that my fiance informed me that the scale was not zeroed out and that I was actually down 6 pounds and not up 3. Enter relief... then enter the realization of being at the submission of the digital God...
I must change this relationship...Me vs. the scale.

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