Monday, July 4, 2011

Getting perspective

I've had a goal this year of running 12 races. With half the year gone, next week's Boilermaker will put me at 8. With the Wineglass marathon (cross your fingers I remain injury-free), this will make 9. Only three more to choose. Will probably look at a half-marathon to put something on the schedule for a taper, but hopefully I can find something interesting that I haven't done before.

At the end of this week, I will have completed 1/3 of my marathon training. WTH? Did I ever think I would get here? Hell no...It's been about 2 years ago that I was actively training for my first half-marathon. Whenever I think I can't do something or that I am not good enough, it helps to gain some perspective of where you have come from. So, I will do that...

When I first started running, I was running at an 11-minute/12-minute mile pace. I ran my 12 miles on Saturday with a 9:48 mile/minute pace. I ran a 10K today in an 8:48 mile/minute pace. I ran my fastest 5K last week. I ran the 10K today after running 12 miles two days ago and to my surprise, the legs felt great! I get so worked up and anxious before my long runs on the weekend that I get nervous that I can't get through them. But when it is over, I find myself thinking, "that wasn't so bad!" My profile on Daily Mile says I am an ATHLETE. I am beginning to think I am more. I am a RUNNER.

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